Adam the prophet, priest, king and cherub of Eden

The four heads of the cherub.

Adam the good image of God.

The common understanding of Adam is that Adam fell in sin. But what Adam did was in fact not sinning but he was doing good, saving his beloved wife, Eve, who fell in sin. As also Paul is talking about when he say: Adam was not deceived. but the woman...(I TIMOTHY 2:14) And: She is to be saved throught childbearing...(I TIMOTHY 2:15)

What Adam was doing in Eden, was saving his beloved wife, Eve. Saving his own body. Saving her throught childbearing. This is the deep secret, hidden to the world.

I am going to prove to you that Adam was anointed to be the prophet, priest, king and the cherub of Eden.

The 1st head of Adam. The eagle head, Prophet:

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Let´s take a look at the first head of the four heads (EZEKIEL 1:10) found in the mystery creature, the cherub, also found in Adam. The eagle head.

The eagle is the image of being a prophet. The sight of an eagle. The eye that can see far into the future. And Adam is in the Bible proven to be a prophet. Not only that, but he is the forefather of all prophets.

Adam was proven to be a prophet when he gave NAMES to all the fishes, fowls, cattles, beasts and creeping things of the created world.

The last beast of the field that Adam gave a name, was a beasts that he chose to call a serpent. Not because it was a creeping thing. No. It was in fact not even creeping on it´s belly when Adam named it a serpent. It was the most subtil beast of the field. The most upright beast. The closest to the image of God of the beasts of the field. It was a beast, capable of reasoning and speaking. The Bible does NOT call it a dumb beast as the case was with the ass of Bileam. No, it was a reasoning speaking beast.

Later on, when the fall happened, God sends this beast to it´s belly to eat dust, because of sin. And when that happened, the prophesied name, given to this beast by Adam, came to pass.

Adam foretold this to happen, by naming the beast a serpent. Adam foretold it´s destiny. On your belly you go, eating dust. Which in direct words means, to go back to the dust, to die.

Adam was a prophet not a sinner.

2nd head:

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The head of an ox, the priest head.

When Adam was finished giving names, he was anointed to become a priest. He was given the commandment of offering his own body to death. The work of the ox is to prepare the ground for the naked seed, the naked body. God does nothing without first telling his servants the prophets, what is going to happen. Adam, the prophet, knew the will of God. And Adam was OBEDIENT to death.

And this is his second Head. The head of an ox. Willing to die in order to get his beloved wife out of his side.

3rd head:

The head of a lion. The head of the king.

According to Genesis 2:2 God FINISHED his creation on the 7th day. But what was there to finish on the 7th day? The answer is Adam. And now also his wife Eve. God brought Adam back to life on the 7th day. This was the finishing work of the 7th day. It is allowed to do well on the sabbath. To give life. Rising up the king from the deep sleep of death to become ruler over the 6th day creations. The finishing work of the 7th day was to wake them up from death. Adam entered into the rest of the 7th day by resurrection from the dead. The risen king Adam and his bride in his own image.

Eve did never exist on the 6th day. Adam found none in his image on this day. She was taken out of Adam´s side by death, away from the 6th day. And she was risen to life for the first time, directly into the 7th day of rest.

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Adam left the 6th day by his deep sleep of death and enter into the rest of God by resurrection. The number of Adam is now 7. The number of man IS 7. The number of the beasts is 6. And this is the reason why the number of A MAN, and THE BEAST being the same number, is a mystery. Where does the man with the number 6 come from? He is from the 6th day creature, the serpent. He is the seed of the serpent.

The hidden fact, a man with the number 6. The great mystery of iniquity. 2.Tess 2:7 The mystery unfolded, is to follow the seed of the serpent, in the generation of Cain and understanding it to be evil. Cain and his generation is the mystery generation that was wiped out time after time, but it came back to live again in the sea of man. The 6th day man, Cain and his generation are the evil fruit of the tree of knowledge. The evil generation.

The good generation is the generation of Adam throught Seth. Follow the seth generation and understand that it is the good seed in the image of God.

Back to Adam. Adam is now the almost finished image of God. Risen from the grave, he was made king above all the 6th day creatures.

He was proven to be the lion head of Eden. The king, Adam.

4th head.

The head of a Cherub which is also the head of a man which is the head of God.

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When the serpent seduced the beloved wife of Adam, he was forced into action. Adam had to make a choise of what to do.

Adam now found blame with his wife. He could chose to divorce her. But he loved his wife more than his position of being the king of Eden...alone. His wife was already dead in sin.

Adam chose to break the commandment of God, which was NOW less important in comparison to the act of saving life. Adam knew the tree of knowledge, Eve. And by that, he gave her the saving seed. The seed of the God son.

After doing this he clothed himself with fig leaves which means: I have done a righteous works. I have done a saving act on the sabbath. As also Jesus said: Which of you whose son or ox falls into a well, will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day?" Luke 14:5

Adam chose to "save his beloved wife through childbearing" The fall of Eve forced Adam to chose his way. This is the reason why Adam partook of the knowledge. Knowing the tree of knowledge, Eve. He was doing his saving act, by knowing her. Adam started the generation of Jesus Christ. The seed of salvation. The generation of the sons of God, ending with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the sons of Adam, son of God.

Eve was the tree of knowledge.

Eve was the forbidden tree of knowledge and the serpent sedused her. The serpent knew the knowledge of the tree of knowledge, Eve. Then Adam knew his wife, ate of the tree of knowledge, and that is the reason why, she bare Cain the son of the serpent, and then AGAIN she bare her second son, Abel the son of Adam.

Adam only knew his wife once and she got pregnant with twins of 2 very different kinds. Adam never knew her again for about 20 - 30 years. And in all these years only the twins Cain and Abel were born. He knew her not for the second time untill...Cain had killed his brother. Seth was then set´h in the place of Abel.

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Cain is the son of the serpent. The serpent is the reason and father of the MAN of sin, Cain, to be born.

When this happened, the event foretold by both God and Adam was a reality. The serpent partaking of the knowledge, being the evil knowledge of the tree of knowledge. And Adam partaking of the knowledge, being the good knowledge of the tree of knowledge.

This is the time, when God said about Adam: He has now become like one of us to know good and evil.

Adam took of the tree of knowledge and Adam now became a MAN. The fourth head of the cherub. Made perfect through knowledge. Knowing good from evil.

The face of man in the cherub is the image of God.

The fourth head, the head of a man is now, by God himself, told to be found in Adam. The man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.

Adam now is like God, knowing good and evil. The head of a cherub which is also the head of a man. The God head. Adam the lord of Eve.

Adam is the guarding Cherub.

The work of the cherub was to guard the WAY to the tree of Life. Jesus is the tree of Life. But the WAY to the tree of Life was, in the beginning foretold to be, through the woman. She was to be saved through childbearing. She was to give birth to the tree of Life, the savior, Jesus Christ. For this to happen, Adam had to stand guard of the way, the woman, from being sedused to the seed of the serpent which is the generation of Cain.

The woman was the reason for the man of sin, Cain to be a part of the creation. Cain and his generation are the thorns and thistles, allowed to exist.

And the woman was the reason for the good generation of Abel or Seth to exits. And she gave birth to the tree of Life.

The woman is the only tree in the garden of Eden bearing record of bringing forth good and evil fruit out of her life, through the knowledge of knowing the tree, Eve. Cain and Abel were the fruit of her life.

The work of Adam was to guard the woman, the daugthers of god, from future evil attack. Adam knew what and who was evil. And he knew himself to be the good image of God. He was even called a child of God without God being ashamed of calling Adam, the son of God.

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Adam the son of God was now guarding his wife and his generation against being seduced ever again. Seduced by the serpent or by the seed, the generation of the serpent in future generations. The serpent died by the sword of the mouth of the cherub, Adam.

Also the salvation of the woman, came from Adam. Adam gave her the seed of the sons of God. The salvation of the woman came through the generation of the sons of God. Seth, the second sond of Adam after Abel, set in the place of his first son. The sons of Adam are the sons of God.

You have heard that it is said: The sons of God mingling themselves with daugthers of men, in the days of Noah, were angels. But I say unto you: They were the sons of Adam, son of God.

The sons of God in the days of Noah are not angels. But they are the children of Adam, mingling themselves with the evil generation of daugthers of Cain´s generation, called daugthers of man. That was the sin in the days of Noah, and the reason for giants to be born. It was flesh and blood children, born of the union between the two different generations. Evil and good, mingled together.

After the fall, God covered Adam and his wife with the covering of an offering that God himself prepared for them. The offering of Jesus Christ.

God put Adam to work in the sweat of his face. The earth was now growing evil sowers,(thorns and thistles) who were against Adam and his seed. Cain is the first thorn people of the world. He was not in the original creation. He was a new kind of human being, allowed to live, by the word of God, to Adam. Gen. 3:18

Cain was a thorn and a thistle in the flesh of his brother, Abel.

Adam lost his rest priviliges of the 7th day in peace. Adam was now guarding the WAY to the tree of Life. In straight words: He was guarding his wife from the evil sowers. And if the women of the generation of Adam stayed faithfull to the generation of the sons of God, they were promised to be saved. They were promised to bring forth the expected savior and eternal life, Jesus Christ.

After the fall they were not denied eating, of the tree of knowledge. She, the tree of knowledge, is now the WAY back to the tree of Life. The sons of Adam were the promised seed line of the generation of the Savior. From now on only good seed should touch the tree.

This is why Adam is the guarding cherubim of Eden.

The error of Eve in her teachings.

Eve thought that her first born child was "the Lord", saying "Cain" which means: "This is the Lord" She was in error with her teachings, saying: "Cain"

Cain was in deed not the Lord. No he was the first son of perdition. And by this mistake in her doctrine, prophecying names to new creatures, she was by this error denied to teach...1. Tim 2:12

The woman came with the fall. She therefore was given this great work of pain, bringing eternal Life back into the world. She was to give birth to the tree of Life in pain. Give birth to her and her husbands savior, Jesus Christ our Lord and God. The tree of Life, Jesus Christ, born of a woman.

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